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About us...

Yotaron Enrichment and Resource Center, LLC (Yotaron ERC) is focused on providing high-quality, evidenced-based, therapeutic interventions for individuals who face mental health and substance abuse challenges. We are also committed to addressing the needs of children. Troubled adolescents and young adults are encouraged to challenge their current thinking patterns in order to address and improve maladaptive behaviors. Coping skills, training, and resources are available to parents on how to improve parent-child interactions.

Improving and sustaining good mental health is important to every individual's life. When mental illness is left unmanaged, individuals are unable to live an enriching life. Licensed Professional Counselors provide psychotherapy to individuals who have the desire to learn and better understand how to cope with mental illness and substance abuse. Yotaron ERC offers psychotherapy in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment where individuals are free to explore their feelings and work through their problems.

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